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Mineral-tinted sunscreen blends with multiple skin tones

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Businesswoman Katonya Breaux created Unsun, a natural, tinted sunscreen, after years of frustration over the white film left by traditional versions.

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While many fashion and beauty brands have embraced the world’s diversity, work still needs to be done to make the industries truly inclusive. Katonya Breaux, founder of new sunscreen brand Unsun, spent years trying to find a natural, tinted sunscreen. She was looking for a product that was good for her skin and that didn’t leave behind any unnatural color.

Unsun is SPF 30, and a blend of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, neither of which irritate the skin. It is tinted by a mix of minerals and contains moisturizing fruit and nut extracts. The tint provides a glow to lighter skin tones and blends in effortlessly with a broad spectrum of darker and olive-toned skins.

While customized lipsticks and bathroom products are examples of available bespoke cosmetics, how could the trends for on-demand delivery and personalization further update the beauty industry?



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