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Mini wind turbine charges devices via USB

Travel & Tourism

Designed for oceanographers, the Waterlily Micro Turbine uses wind, water or manual power to charge any device using a USB port.

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Canadian start-up Waterlily has created a durable, portable Micro Turbine that can charge any device using a USB port. Able to be towed behind a boat, manually powered via a hand crank or fueled by wind, the Waterlily is the result of six years of engineering research in power harvesting for the ocean monitoring industry. There are no limits on how long the turbine can be submerged in water, even salt water, and it can be used up to a depth of 36,000 feet.

With two USB ports, a 12 foot long charging cord and guidelines on approximately how long it should take to power various devices, the micro turbine is ideal for recreational outdoor use. The team envisions it being used by campers, hikers, cyclists and paddlers to charge devices such as Go Pro cameras and smartphones. It costs CAD 199, and first orders are planned for shipment in August 2017.

Consumers are beginning to have more choice than ever in accessing sustainable energy. There is a personal power generator that doubles as a lantern, and smart cities are increasingly adding eco-friendly connectivity options to public transport and areas of civic engagement. How is take-up of these options being monitored for efficiency analysis and future improvements?



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