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Called Chaku-Motion (a trademarked DoCoMo moniker), ring videos are the new, must-have content in Japan. Which means entrepreneurs in the rest of the world get a new business opportunity handed to them on a silver plate.

The more phone based ideas the better. Because that’s where the MONEY is these days. And this new business idea could make your cash register ring big time! If you (like us) missed out on making money from the text/SMS revolution, and then failed to make millions again by ignoring ringtones (a multi billion dollar business these days), then be one of the first outside Japan to finally rake it in with ring videos! Called Chaku-Motion (a trademarked DoCoMo moniker), ring videos are the new, must-have content in Japan. The 10 to 20 second video clips with audio (which cost approx 1 USD to download) may be from live performances, music videos, or customized just-for-keitai clips with Japanese pop stars singing “denwa dayo!” — “your phone’s ringing!” (source: JapanInc). NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA 900i series 3G handsets are all Chaku-Motion compatible, and iMode subscribers can already download clips of some of the most popular acts. And as Avex, arguably Japan’s hottest music label, has deals with DoCoMo and Vodafone to provide chaku-uta (pop song ringtones and artist voice ringtones), Springwise is betting that Japanese teenagers are waiting eagerly for Avex to OK Chaku-Motion so they can snag keitai clips of megastar artists like BoA, Exile, and Hamasaki Ayumi for their very own.


If you’re one of our 34,000 subscribers not based in Japan, and you happen to live in one of many countries now rolling out 3G networks, Chaku Motion may be your ticket to success. It’s still early enough to set up a business catering to the next big thing after polyphonic ring tones, so that you can sell it (including the brand equity) to one of the network operators the moment this becomes hot on a worldwide scale. Time to invest in a return ticket to Tokyo?


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