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App helps fans pay their favorite artists based on listening habits

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UK-based Pikup is a new platform that remunerates artists based on subscribers' listening habits.

Crowdfunding for artists is something we’ve previously reported on here at Springwise, with France-based KissKissBankBank enabling fans to invest in their favorite bands. In a similar vein, Pikup is a new platform that remunerates artists based on subscribers’ listening habits. The UK startup is currently offering free software to Mac, iPhone and iPad users — although it intends to include other operating systems in the future. Once installed, it works in the background and keeps a private record of all media accessed by the user, creating a digital diary of music, video, podcast and e-book consumption held on Pikup’s servers. Those using the service can then pay a small monthly subscription to support the arts, with the twist being that their money will be split between the artists whose work they have been playing. Pikup analyses the collective listening and viewing habits of all of its users and allocates subscription funds appropriately. Media creators, meanwhile, will be able to create accounts in order to claim their income. Pikup also has plans to allow bands and filmmakers to have a say in regards to how much of the site’s funds goes to them and how much is used to monetize the company’s operations. Pikup has taken the model of popular sites such as and discovered a way to fund artists based on how often their media is accessed by each individual, rather than relying on a one-off initial payment. Does this signal a shift towards fairer allocation of profit for artists?



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