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Mobile app rewards kids for keeping parents updated

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I'mOK is a free mobile app that rewards kids for checking in, using an element of gaming to help families stay in touch throughout the day.

There’s nothing like a tangible reward to encourage good behavior, and we’ve already seen one effort that puts that principle into practice to help kids learn. For parents however, perhaps even more important than their children’s education is their children’s safety, and that’s where I’mOK comes in, with a free mobile app that rewards kids for checking in. Essentially, I’mOK uses an element of gaming to help families stay in close touch throughout the day. Parents begin by setting up a secure and private family group through the app. Then, every time their kids check-in, the app automatically uses location-based technology to let parents in the group know exactly where their kids are. Kids, meanwhile, are motivated to check in by the points they earn each time they do so. Not only that, but the more information they provide — location, photos, messages or tagging friends, for example — the more points they earn. Those points, in turn, can be exchanged for real-world rewards such as movie tickets, extra time on their computers, or other parent-approved treats. I’mOK is currently available for iPhone, with versions for other platforms on the way. The video below illustrates the premise in further detail: No end in sight to the myriad ways technology can help families stay connected. What could your family-friendly brand bring to the game? Spotted by: Judy McRae



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