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DIY app lets users create photo-based social group challenges

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Leap is a mobile app enabling users to create social group challenges and score points by sharing photos.

We recently spotted Onefeat in France, a social game that rewards users for performing and photographing specific offline activities. Now in the US, mobile app Leap is based on a similar concept, only it also enables users to create social group challenges for themselves. Leap — unlike Onefeat which is accessed via Facebook, Twitter or email — will be launched for iOS this spring. Users will be able to create their own challenges and invite friends via Facebook, or join existing competitions in the Leap community. Points are scored by sharing photos with fellow challengers as proof of achieving specific tasks. While Leap haven’t yet revealed exact details of how the app will work, their website contains inspiration for potential challenges, for example, the “Breakfast Champion” challenge would require participants to eat healthily in the morning, photographing their meal as proof. We’ve seen countless examples of apps and platforms helping users add a little fun to their day-to-day lives by taking part in small challenges, and it seems the trend is still going strong. Letting users create the challenges for themselves and their friends, however, makes the experience both more personal and adds an extra social dimension. What other games, services, or apps could be opened up to let users create their own variations?



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