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Mobile sauna enables surfers to brave freezing temperatures

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The customizable Surf Sauna is a heated cabin that can be transported to any beach, enabling winter-time surfing.

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While many surfers might make use of innovations such as Spain’s Spotfav — which uses crowdsourced webcam feeds to let users check the weather at the beach before they head there — some surfers are more than willing to catch a wave in the middle of the winter. Now, those surfers can avoid suffering the cold for longer than they have to with the customizable Surf Sauna, a heated cabin that can be transported to any beach.

The sauna is essentially a large barrel-shaped room made of marine grade galvanized and stainless steel and panelled with Western Red Cedar, that can be attached to any car much like a trailer. Created by a team from the Port City Makerspace in New Hampshire, the Surf Sauna can be transported to any location to offer a warm refuge from the cold outdoors. There are surfboard racks fitted to the outside, and inside there is a a wood fired stove that can help temperatures reach up to 90 degrees Celsius. The cabin can fit between 2 to 8 people, and can be customized to include a changing tent and shower, wireless speakers and an off-road kit.

Brave surfers can either buy their own Surf Sauna for around USD 16,400 — depending on their customizations — and the startup plans to create more to rent USD 190 a day. Are there other home comforts that could be made mobile to encourage city dwellers to be more adventurous?



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