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Mobile saunas made from old ski gondolas

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Saunagondel is a mobile, electric sauna housed inside a Swiss ski gondola, which can accommodate up to four adults in below-zero landscapes.

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There are few experiences more luxurious than being hot and comfortable inside, when it is freezing outside. Now, taking this to the extreme is the Saunagondel — a mobile electric sauna housed inside an old Swiss ski gondola that can accommodate up to four adults in below-zero landscapes.


The Saunagondel, created by designers Tarantik and Egger, is made from old ski gondolas, which can withstand extreme weather conditions. The mobile saunas are fitted with silver fir wood interiors and a 4.5 kW electric heater, enabling it to heat up to 100 degrees celsius. The sauna is only two by two meters in size and is easy to transport and set up by the user.


The Saunagondel is available to rent, or buy for EUR 7500 including delivery anywhere in Europe. We have already seen a mobile sauna designed specifically for surfers to help them brave cold waters. Are there other mobile spa treatments that could be enjoyed in unusual settings?



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