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To launch its 3G network last fall, Vodafone Australia commandeered two big red buses and morphed them into mobile concept stores, packed with 3G phones and other gadgets. Adding a dash of sympvertising, the Vodafone buses provided a free commuter shuttle service in Sydney and Melbourne, with Vodafone’s promotional teams demonstrating 3G services to passengers en route. As pointed out by Vodafone Australia’s Brand and Communications department: “People are out and about when they’re using our devices and this campaign is all about how the omnipresence of mobile can alleviate boredom and re-invent ‘dead time’ as something more fun and interesting. We also want illustrate the power of mobile broadband and show how it can create more flexible and effective opportunities for businesspeople on the move.” Letting consumers try out new products in a relevant setting—that’s exactly what our sister site would call tryvertising. Time to hop on the experiential advertising bus. Or… Start the world’s first tryvertising agency. Now there’s a business opportunity!


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