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Zoov bikes

Mobility service launches compact e-bike dock in urban cities

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A new design of bikes hopes to influence user's habits and behaviours by taking up less space on city streets.

At Springwise, we have covered a number of innovations that involve bike sharing. These have included a bicycle library and a cashless bike sharing service via WeChat. However, those services have been criticised for crowding the streets and creating an unsightly nuisance for pedestrians. Now, a French bike sharing company Zoov may have found a solution. They have collaborated with Eliumstudio, an industrial design studio to develop a system of electric sharing bikes that can lock into each other. This new design creates minimal intrusion on streets and footpaths.

Each Zoov dock can store up to 20 bikes while taking up no more space than that of a single car. Traditional bike docks can take up around four times that amount. Each Zoov bike includes a battery for pedal-assist in addition to being a power source for users to charge their phones. Users can unlock a bike with their smartphone connecting via Bluetooth on the Zoov app. The app enables users to reserve a bike for future use, provides users with a price quote and can also be used to navigate through suggested pedal-friendly routes. Zoov will launch its service in Saclay Plateau, an innovation hub 20km south of Paris. After this, they plan to expand to large French cities.

The bikes have been created with a distinctive look which includes a blue curved line. When the bikes are connected together the curve creates a visual continuity that helps the bikes blend together and present a smaller visual profile. According to Eliumstudio founder Pierre Garner, the bikes are designed to, “blend naturally into the other street furniture”.




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