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Modular electric smart trucks built in four hours


The UK’s Charge Auto company is in preproduction of its chargeable, updateable, modular trucks that can be built by a single person in only four hours.

Made from extremely lightweight composite materials, Charge Auto’s modular Charge electric trucks can be built by one person in four hours. Priced the same as the typical gas powered trucks currently on roads, Charge trucks are also connected. When hardware updates are needed, the truck’s software system wirelessly receives the improvements.

Designed with truck companies in mind, Charge is available in different sizes and capacity, ranging from two to 26 tons. For the first 100 miles each truck travels, it is emissions free. For longer journeys, there is a dual-mode option that extends the battery life to 500 miles. Production is planned to begin in the UK in 2017 with delivery of the first trucks shortly afterwards.

Making travel more sustainable is an important part of current climate change mitigation efforts. The electric bus hailed via app and driverless 18-wheelers are two examples of improvements being made. How could electric power and driverless technology be combined for large-scale use?



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