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Modular electronics could reduce gadget waste


Nascent electronics modules help makers reduce gadget wastage through hardware re-appropriation.

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The IoT revolution will produce an exponential number of gadgets over the coming years, but what happens when users want to upgrade? We’ve seen how new housing concepts are bringing modularity and infinite upgradability to smart homes, and now Nascent are hoping to provide electronics startups with the same capabilities.

Nascent produces various fundamental electronics components, such as cameras, audio parts, and GPS, which can all be easily connected to a core base. Any creation can be adapted and changed as the user wishes, altering a product’s function without disposing any hardware. Nascent have launched an Indiegogo campaign with a demonstrative product of their own, Dropplr, which uses audio software to measure water use, enabling waste monitoring via an app. Nascent has a wider aim of bringing gadgetry design into the maker movement, where users will utilize the startup’s software to design and 3D print components, providing hobbyists and startups with easy-to-assemble products.

Nascent’s modular approach to making products offers re-appropriation of hardware for indefinite use, cutting down on wasteful electronics disposal. We have already seen modular watches, smartphones and cars — what will be next?



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