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Modular handbags have detachable interiors

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Bagmaleon is a handbag line with removable interiors, which enable the user to easily transfer their belongings from one bag to another.

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In these eco-conscious times, modular clothing and accessories can provide a good option for consumers that want to keep a bit of variation while cutting down on their fashion purchases. We have already seen ULTRA offer a 10-piece wardrobe set, that can create a year’s worth of outfits through mixing and matching. Now, Bagmaleon is a new handbag concept, with a removable interior, that uses less material in its manufacture and has the added benefit of convenience.


Each Bagamaleon is constructed from two parts; the leather outer bag — which comes in various colours and sizes — and the detachable inner bag that can be removed and transferred between outer bags. The inner part is known as the ‘soul’ and attaches to the external bag by zip. Customers can buy multiple outer bags, to suit different outfits or occasions, but no longer have to worry about transferring all their items between the two; instead they simply move the ‘soul’ from one bag to another.



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