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Free fantasy sports site awards real prizes for winning picks


Sports fans face no shortage of opportunities to bet on their favorite teams and players, but that can be an expensive and risky pastime. Mojingo is a new site that lets fans exchange tips and information and participate for free in fantasy contests with real, cash prizes. Now in beta, New York-based Mojingo is not a gambling site, it stresses. Rather, users participate in all contests for free. Sports fans can use the site to share knowledge, research games and compete in fantasy contests for cash and non-cash prizes. Users begin by making picks on games against real-time betting lines. Each real life game has a contest associated to it, and when a user submits a pick, he or she is automatically entered into the contest for which that specific game qualifies. Each of the six major US sports are represented on Mojingo, and easy-to-use dashboards offer insight into each participant’s current standings. Correct picks earn points for the users who made them, leading ultimately to a chance to win real prizes. Registration on is free, allowing users to participate in any of the site’s contests. Currently, ad-supported Mojingo focuses primarily on American sports and US-based fans, tapping into the massive market of sports fans while steering clear of the murky world of gambling. Who will bring something like this to other parts of the world? Spotted by: David Swerdloff



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