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For parents, a life caching service targeting young children


Back in 2007 we covered Life Trackers, a site that let consumers create an ongoing record of their lives by forwarding significant comments, photos and other content to a central email address. Now tapping similarly into the life-caching trend is Moment Garden, which aims to let parents securely save and share the important moments of their young children’s lives. Each user of Moment Garden’s free service is given a custom email address to which stories, photos and other updates can be sent from any internet-connected device. Friends and family can contribute updates and comments as well, making the “garden” of contributed special “moments” a collaborative effort. Parents can show off the result with an interactive timeline and slideshow; at the same time, however, it’s completely up to them to decide who can see that final product. There’s clearly no end in sight to consumers’ desire to document their lives. How else might parents or others want to record and preserve their — or their children’s — life experiences…? (Related: Clipped over the ear, tiny video camera records continuouslyAuto-snapping camera documents its wearer’s lifeCrowdsourced tagging tool makes photos searchable.)



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