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More cosmetics tryvertising by mail


Last year we wrote about Brand New You Tube, a program through which consumers can sign up to receive a tube of new beauty product samples to test out at home each month. Now UK-based Latest in Beauty has rolled out a similar concept that gives consumers even more choice. Consumers who sign up with Latest in Beauty begin by filling out a detailed questionnaire about their natural colouring, needs and preferences. Once they’ve done that, they can browse the site for products that match their profile and read new product reviews by an independent panel. Based on what they see, they can then choose up to three samples to try at home each month. A few weeks later, Latest in Beauty sends an email requesting feedback, which it then forwards on to the cosmetics brands themselves. Latest in Beauty is open only to UK users, who must pay GBP 1 by text message from a UK-based mobile phone to cover postage and handling of each shipment of samples. For those who weren’t yet convinced that the tryvertising trend is taking hold, let this serve as further proof that consumers really do prefer to try before they buy—and that entire businesses can be built on the strength of that preference. Plenty of room still for other contenders in this space! (Related: New spin on direct mail.)



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