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More intention-based shipping

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We’ve written about sites that facilitate intention-based shipping in the US, France and the United Arab Emirates. Now, we’re happy to report that the concept continues to spread, as evidenced by a new, like-minded site based in Houston. Like those we’ve covered before, Citizenshipper enables peer-to-peer shipping by matching up people who have something to send with those intending to make a trip in the same direction. Designed for shipping anything ranging from a letter to a fridge, Citizenshipper is free for use by both CitizenSenders and those willing to do the shipping–known on the site as CitizenShippers. CitizenSenders simply post what they need delivered, the starting and destination ZIP codes, and how much they are willing to pay. When a shipper is interested, the CitizenSender receives an email, and can also log in to view the information on their Contract Bids page. CitizenShippers, meanwhile, post the routes they plan on taking, and are notified by e-mail of packages that need to be sent in the same direction. Payments can be handled through PayPal or offline, and Citizenshipper currently charges nothing for facilitating the transaction. The site does, however, incorporate a feedback system to ensure trustworthy participation. Citizenshipper just launched in August, and you can bet more such sites are on the way. Which will emerge as the FedEx of P2P shipping? Time will tell. In the meantime, keep the localized versions coming! Spotted by: Bonnie Larner



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