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Morning after pill delivered within two hours by courier

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Online medical practice Dr Ed is launching a new service which will provide Londoners with contraceptive pills by bike within two hours of ordering.

Some may argue that the hassle-free provision of non-essential medical treatment, such as Hangover Heaven‘s traveling cure for post-binge woes, only serves to promote reckless behavior. The introduction, then, of post-coital contraceptives via home delivery from UK-based online medical practice Dr Ed, might prove controversial for some. However, the service — which can get contraception to patients within two hours if requested between its opening hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday — could prove invaluable for those who have had unprotected sex in the previous 72-hour period, as the treatment is more effective the sooner it is taken. Available in the London area, patients can log onto the Dr Ed site and either order a batch of morning after pills for immediate dispatch or request to have some delivered in case of an emergency in the future. The service utilizes Shutl, which takes advantage of excess bike courier capacity in order to make short-distance deliveries. Visitors to the website fill out a short questionnaire to explain the reasons for ordering the pills (as they would if buying over the counter), but the fact this is online may be less embarrassing for some customers. Dr Ed prescribes the Levonelle 1500 brand of contraceptive and customers can order one course of tablets – priced at GBP 19.99 – or two courses, costing GBP 24.99. The service makes it quicker and more convenient for adults to get the contraceptives they need, while eliminating some of the embarrassment that may come with a trip to the pharmacy. Currently available only in London, is this one to replicate in your part of the world? Spotted by: R Steinberg



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