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Repellent billboard | Photo source Pixabay

Mosquito-trap billboard could help fight Zika virus


In Brazil, an innovative billboard could help fight the spread of the Zika virus by drawing in and trapping mosquitos.


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We have seen the humble billboard adapted in a number of incredible ways to service its local area. There was the Billbed in Pakistan, which transformed into a temporary bed for homeless laborers, and the air purifying billboard in Peru that delivered pollution-free air to the surrounding area. Now, the Mosquito Killer Board from Brazil could be another life-changing innovation.


The board, created by Posterscope and NBS, could help fight the Zika virus by drawing in and trapping mosquitos so they can’t continue to spread the disease. The board releases a mixture of a lactic acid solution and carbon dioxide, mimicking the smell of human sweat and breath, which mosquitos are attracted to from a distance of up to 2.5km. Two of the boards have been installed in Rio de Janeiro and the creators have released the blueprint for free to allow others to produce more.

How else could billboards also service the people they are advertising to?



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