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Matchmaker links users who want to form similar good habits

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Partners In Grind is a matchmaking service that links users up with an accountability partner, so they can keep each other in check.

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For everyone already struggling to keep up with their new year resolutions, Partners In Grind is a matchmaking service that enables users to find others wanting to form similar good habits, so they can keep each other in check.

Based on the notion that social accountability is critical to habit formation, Partners In Grind is a free service that matches people up with someone who can help them build new, positive habits. To begin, users create a profile and detail the life habits they want to begin or improve — this can be anything from healthy eating to meditation to reading more. Then, the service matches users with common goals and puts them in touch. The users can then motivate each other however they wish, whether via encouraging text messages or hardline emails. All users also receive weekly newsletters from Partners in Grind with expert tips and words of wisdom.

We have already seen cute robots and no-tech wristbands offered as tools to help consumers build and maintain positive habits. How else can matchmaking mechanisms help users benefit from human partnerships?



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