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Motorcycle taxis rescue stranded business travellers

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Business travellers stuck in traffic on their way to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport were in luck last week, as knights in shining leather were ready to zip them off to their flight on the back of a motorcycle. Three yellow bikes covered the busiest roads near Amsterdam between 7 and 11 am, and were reachable via a designated phone number. Each bike held a second driver, ready to take a stranded driver’s car to Schiphol’s Valet Parking, where it could be picked up after the trip. The bikes used can easily stow a piece of carry-on luggage and briefcase, and passengers were provided with a helmet. Last week’s motorcycle taxis were a try-out service by a new Dutch website for business travellers, Bizztrip. Bizztrip aims to be a no-nonsense travel portal for entrepreneurs who book their own travel. Whether flying first class or low-cost, customers are offered an array of extra services, including visa handling and travel to the airport. Bizztrip is currently evaluating whether it will make motortaxi saviours one of its standard features. Seems like a smart move, though pricing would have to be fairly high to cover the cost of two drivers and the time they spend driving around seeking customers in need. While Virgin Airlines offer Virgin LimoBikes in the UK, and private motorcycle taxis cater to travellers in other countries, the option to be rescued from a car stuck in a traffic jam seems new. One for airlines or limo companies to set up in other countries? Could also be a great service for motorcycle brands to sponsor.



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