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Multi-sensory advert | Photo source Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Multi-sensory magazine advert helps people sleep better


A magazine advert has multi-sensory features including lavender scented ink to help improve sleep.


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Advertising is increasingly becoming multi-sensory, creating experiences not limited to the visual. We recently published an advertising innovation that uses a scented bus shelter to promote a vegan cookbook. To stimulate the senses of passersby, the advert releases a sweet chocolate fudge cake scent. Another multi-sensory innovation is a whisky bar that lets visitors touch, smell and taste the ingredients that make the product.

Furniture company IKEA has released a new advertisement in the United Arab Emirates called the IKEA Sömnig advertisement. The advert was designed in collaboration with IKEA and Memac Ogilvy. Sömnig means sleepy in Swedish and relates to the adverts design which aids people to fall asleep. Featured in an issue of a UAE based magazine called Good magazine, the advert has multi-sensory features. Readers can pull out the page and place it on their bedside table to help promote a better night’s sleep. Once folded into shape, the advert stands upright on a surface.

IKEA Sömnig features two tabs that users can activate. The first tab activates white noise. It is chargeable using a USB port, creating a white noise machine. The second tab releases a lavender scent and the white noise sound waves help circulate the fragrance. In addition, the ink used to print the advert is infused with lavender. This specific sound and scent are part of the design because white noise and lavender have links to improving the quality of sleep. With an advert that helps people sleep better, IKEA intends to demonstrate the great sleep their collection of IKEA Sömnig beds and mattresses offer. How else can companies use multi-sensory advertisement to promote products, services and experiences?



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