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Duty-free bars

Multi-sensory Scotch bars exclusive to duty-free

Travel & Tourism

Three bars opened exclusive to duty free in France’s airports where visitors can smell, touch and taste the Hard Fired flavor.

Inviting travellers to fire up their phones as well as their palettes, Ballantine’s Hard Fired whisky bars provide charging points and the smell, taste and touch of the ingredients that go into making the flavor. Exclusive to three airports in France, the bars themselves are made of charred wood that releases some of the same scents that help create the whisky.

While visitors sip their drinks, they can learn about the process and materials necessary for the making of the high-end malt. Smelling and tasting of vanilla, smoke and spices, the Hard Fired drink is rested in oak barrels that are charred twice, a process known as hard firing. The company’s master nose then chooses which barrels to use for each blend.

Other ways companies are creating exclusives include a beer brewed specifically for high altitude enjoyment available only on select flights and in a few airport departure lounges. Making limited editions is another approach, such as the two beers brewed specifically to be enjoyed by drinkers of a specific brand of whisky. How else could place and product be combined for custom experiences?



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