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Multi-sport wearable coach offers intuitive motivation

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Moov Now is a wearable fitness tracker and AI personal trainer, which identifies exercises by measuring movement within 3D space.

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The future of wearables is becoming increasingly smart and personal, with devices able to recognize and track multiple exercises and offer useful feedback. Moov Now takes these abilities to the next level: the wearable fitness tracker and AI personal trainer can help users train for five different sports, by measuring their movements within 3D space.


Moov Now is the next generation of Moov’s hugely successful fitness wearable, which can be used to enhance training for running, swimming, cycling, boxing and a seven minute bodyweight workout. To begin, users sync the wristband with their smartphone or tablet. They select their chosen exercise and the device monitors their first few work outs, then places them on a level: running for example has 69 different levels depending on fitness and goals. The wearable then uses a 9-axis Omni Motion™ sensor — combining an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer — to capture the wearer’s motions in 3D. An algorithm will then processes the data, allowing the band to measure speed, stride cadence, elevation, velocity, impact and more depending on the activity.


Moov Now, like its predecessor, has an inbuilt coach, who offers real time feedback by talking to the user during their workout, motivating them and safely pushing them towards goals. Users who prefer to workout to music can integrate the app with Spotify so that they can enjoy both.


Moov Now is available to pre-order for USD 59.99 and is expected to ship in the fall. Could these capabilities be used for professional sports or dance, too?



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