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Smart helmet

Multifunctional helmet will transform motorcyclists riding experience

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Borderless has designed a smart motorcycle helmet that features a rear-facing camera.

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Motorcycle helmets have been relatively similar for the past 60 years and although they have evolved in style, they have never fully caught up with the progress of motorcycles.

Borderless has designed the CrossHelmet, featuring state of the art technology by combining an integrated display with sound management, giving the rider a 360 degree visual of their environment. The camera communicates with the helmet and gives the rider a flip-down display showing them the view of the road behind. The display can also provide weather information and connect to a mobile device via bluetooth. Borderless has also incorporated a unique sound control system called CrossSound Control. Depending on the rider’s needs, the helmet can reduce or enhance external sounds, such as engine or wind noise.

As well as the additional functionality, the design is more comfortable for riders, it’s slimmer and allows for less pressure on the head when worn. The inside is more spacious giving the rider more breathability and gives a 30 percent wider view. The CrossHelmet has also been changed to accommodate more safety measures, with approximately half of the world’s road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists, safety has never been more paramount for this type of traveller. The CrossHelmet has made a progressive move with this, giving the rider the ability to judge more of the road and the traffic around them, allowing for easier and safer decisions.

Borderless have launched the project on Kickstarter and aims to develop the CrossHelmet technology further. It is hoped the helmet will be available to purchase in 2018.

Other countries are also trying to enhance the functionality of the motorcycle helmet. German based startup, Rockatoo have found a way to turn the motorcycle helmet into a loudspeaker and eliminate the need for earphones. Could motorcycle safety move further up the global agenda and will we see more comfortable designs surfacing in the near future?


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