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Multipurpose fire hydrant

Multipurpose fire hydrant is a public water fountain


A design graduate has created a fire hydrant that doubles up as a public water fountain.

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At Springwise, we know that design is at the core of many of our hottest innovations. We have previously published a variety of design-based creations, including a bike storage solution for cyclists who do not have access to indoor storage space. The circular, waterproof and secure design frees up interior space and can protect bikes just as well as garage or shed storage. Another example is modular public toilets in San Francisco, US that can recycle water and be used as information kiosks.

Dimitri Nassisi, a design graduate from Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ÉCAL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, has designed a multipurpose fire hydrant. The fire hydrant features a double valve system and is usable for putting out fires or quenching thirst. By reducing the pressure of the valves, the hydrant functions as a drinking fountain for both people and dogs. When firefighters need the hydrant to fight fires, they can fully open both valves. This allows them to release the water at a high pressure.

Dimitri Nassisi choose a bright blue colour for the Drinking Hydrant. His colour choice ensures the hydrant stands out as he believes drinking fountains in Switzerland are often too discreet to locate. He designed the Drinking Hydrant following the same construction process for regular fire hydrants. The hydrant is cast out of iron and, like regular fire hydrants it can be removed and replaced without the need for roadworks.

In addition to combating fires and helping people re-hydrate, at the foot of the fountain there is a dog bowl. The water in the dog bowl is overflow water, therefore the fountain minimises wasting any water. Furthermore, the Drinking Hydrant is also environmentally-friendly as it functions as a bottle refill point. This reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles.




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