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In Munich, butcher shop for dogs serves up organic, custom-made food

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BeuteFuchs is a store that creates organic, raw-food diets custom-made for canines.

If dogs can have their own travel agencies and social networking sites, then why not their own butcher shops too? Well now they can, at least in Munich, thanks to BeuteFuchs, a store that creates organic, raw-food diets custom-made for canines. BeuteFuchs sources its organic meat from verified organic farms all over Germany. Meat varieties include organic beef, organic lamb, organic chicken and organic turkey, as well as venison, duck and goose in season. The complete menu includes offerings such as organic grain-free muscle meat with a vegetable-fruit mix and high-quality oil. The store’s staff are available to offer advice and feeding plans based on each individual dog’s needs, and food is available freshly prepared or frozen. Within Munich, home delivery is also available. Prices run between 65 and 175 euros per month, according to a report on Süddeutsche; benefits, however, reportedly include better health, lower vet bills and less excrement. More than 100 clients are reportedly already convinced. Entrepreneurs in dog-friendly cities around the globe: an idea to introduce to your area? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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