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Muscle tracker | Photo source Pixabay

Muscle oxygen tracker improves training in real time

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This new wearable monitors the amount of oxygen in a user’s muscle helping make workouts as productive as possible.

Incorporating feedback from thousands of athletes, the Humon Hex monitor tracks the volume of oxygen being used by the user’s quadriceps. Near-infrared spectroscopy sends LED light into the muscle tissue to measure the hemoglobin saturation levels. Depending on how an athlete chooses to use the wearable – linked to a phone or a Garmin or reviewed after the workout – different levels of fitness details are available in different ways.

Visual feedback alerts users when their fitness limit is being reached, and when doing intervals, the device tells wearers when sufficient muscle recovery has been achieved. As an AI coach, the Hex can guide users through an entire workout, from warm-up through pacing and to recovery. Costing USD 295, the next shipment date is the end of February 2018.

As well as providing more detailed insights into the human body than ever before – like the patch that analyzes sweat to evaluate glucose levels, hydration and electrolytes – wearables are also providing solutions to longstanding challenges. Particularly useful for regular drivers, a smart hat uses sound, light and vibration to help prevent sleeping behind the wheel. What are other somewhat unexpected areas of life that could be improved through a smart wearable?



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