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Music Venue Caters To Virtual Reality Events

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Boiler Room is partnering with online VR content creator, Inception, to set up the first VR venue.

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Virtual Reality is being used increasingly to augment entertainment media. Earlier on this month we looked at this US-based innovation, a social media platform that allows users to share content in VR. And before that we wrote about this eSports platform that allows fans to experience their favourite titles in VR. Now, livestreaming music content creators, Boiler Room, are launching the first VR venue.


Boiler Room is a UK-based startup which broadcasts live events from underground music scenes. The organization has partnered with Inception, a creator of immersive VR content, to open the world’s first venue dedicated entirely to VR events. Open in Israel early next year, the space will be built specifically for content creators to capture music events in VR. Because of the specific design for the space, artists and creators will be able to produce music content that is conceptualized, designed and filmed with VR in mind. CEO Blaise Bellville outlines the aim of the space, explaining it will “bring people even closer to what it’s like being at a sweaty rave or an amazing concert half-way across the world.”

The partnership sets out to create interactive experiences for those watching, and aims to go beyond passive 360° viewing currently available. Content recorded at the VR venue will be available to stream via Inception apps. Could this model be used in other areas of the entertainment world?


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