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Music video is controlled by viewer's heartbeat

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The visuals and tempo of the video for #Almostforgot by j.viewz adapt to the viewer's heartbeat.

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Music lovers are usually tasked with finding a song to suit their mood, but we have seen technology emerging to help, such as this radio station that plays upbeat music to motivate those running up the Brooklyn Bridge, and chill-out tunes for those on the descent. But a new music video from Grammy-nominated musician and visual artist j.viewz reverses this process, adapting the visuals and tempo for the song #Almostforgot according to the heartbeat of the viewer.

The video was developed in collaboration with digital creative agency Hello Monday. To participate, viewers download a free app onto their smartphone and launch the video. Then, they place their finger over the back camera. The app detects slight changes in the complexion of the viewer’s fingertip. These inform the program about the user’s heart rate, which is then used as a metronome, setting the tempo of the song and its visuals. If the viewer is feeling mellow, the resulting song will be slow with slow animations. If the viewer is excited and active, the song becomes upbeat and the animations move rapidly. The video only plays in response to the viewer’s heartbeat, so if they remove their fingertip the song stops.



#Almostforgot is from j.viewz’s upcoming album 401 Days. Could this tech be applied in film and TV?



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