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Music and coaching for runners

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For many passionate runners, listening to the right music is the key to a good workout. No real surprise, then, that a number of services have popped up to help runners get the best mix for them. UK-based AudioFuel, for example, offers 20-, 30- and 40-minute compilations of music designed to fuel workouts with varying levels of intensity. Since the runner’s foot typically meets the pavement on each beat, each AudioFuel compilation comes with a graph illustrating the number of beats per minute on each included track, thereby giving an indication of the compilation’s intensity. Voice-over coaching, meanwhile, includes counting aloud to the beat, motivational statements and tips on running style. Warm-up and cool-down guidance is also included, as is a printable guide to running and related issues. Starting this month, a range of programs will provide workout sessions designed with a particular goal in mind, such as getting fit for the first time or training for a specific event. Prices range from GBP 5 to GBP 10 for AudioFuel’s compilations. MP3 Running, meanwhile, offers tracks both with and without voice-over coaching to help runners get the most out of their training sessions. A variety of paces and intensity levels are available, as are both male and female coaching voices, training packages and new tracks each month. Packages are available for 30, 45 and 60-minute sessions; pricing begins at USD 5.99. It’s a fitness-challenged world out there, so anything that helps consumers achieve their goals is bound to be met with a warm reception. Possibilities for this one? How about offering something like it as a perk for members of a health club, running group or other fitness-related organization, possibly sponsored by a well-known fitness brand? Or, to return to one of our favourite themes, how about letting customers design their own….? (Related: Gyms for kids use gaming to keep them hookedMore sightseeing on the run.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann




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