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Music festival goes local

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Most summer music festivals take a large toll on the environment. Mountains of waste, car parks, food from afar, diesel generators for electricity, tidal waves of plastic water bottles, flying in international artists… In an effort to do less harm, several music festivals around the world have started putting ‘carbon neutral’ practices into place, offsetting the carbon dioxide they’ve caused to enter the atmosphere. A new British student festival is aiming to do more than become carbon neutral. Beach Break Live, a three day event in Cornwall taking place from June 11-14, has taken a number of steps to have an environmentally and socially positive impact. The micro festival (just 3,000 visitors) has organized cheap bus travel for students from their universities, keeping road transit and parking to a minimum. Beach Break Live takes place during a mid-week outside the peak holiday season, which means it’s providing the local economy with a boost during downtime. Furthermore, most food and drink will be sourced locally: beef and lamb from neighbourhood farms, beer from Skinner’s, a Cornwall brewery, bottled water from a Cornish spring, seafood from Cornish waters, and even toilet paper from a nearby paper recycling plant. By backing the local community and trying to do as little harm to the environment as possible, Beach Break Live incorporates a number of elements of the still made here trend, as laid out by our sister site Check out the briefing for more relevant business examples!



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