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Musician offers working DIY cardboard turntable with album

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The limited edition version of Canadian DJ Kid Koala's new album 12 bit Blues comes with a make-your-own cardboard turntable that can actually play the record.

It’s so easy to download music today that many artists are making an extra effort to truly engage their fans – take Beck’s Song Reader album, released in sheet music format to encourage fans to play it themselves, or Dan Deacon’s interactive app to be used at live concerts. Following in the same footsteps, Canadian DJ Kid Koala is now offering a make-your-own cardboard turntable to accompany his 12 bit Blues release that can actually play the album. Although the record is being released on CD and LP – as well as digitally – those purchasing a limited edition physical copy will also get a flatpack kit that will enable them to construct a miniature working turntable and speaker resembling a gramaphone. The device is made of only cardboard and a sewing pin that acts as the needle. The package also includes a flexidisc containing three bonus tracks, which can be played on the turntable by rotating the disc by hand. The album itself is a nostalgic take on blues and hip-hop and the turntable addition is designed to invoke the old-time aspect of blues music and toy-building activities reminiscent of childhood, as well as forcing the listener to put in some work and attention in order to hear the music. The following video shows the player in action: 12 bit Blues aims to slow down the act of music consumption to encourage greater appreciation, as well as offer an extra aspect to the physical format music release. Could similar ventures help the allegedly-ailing record industry to re-engage fans? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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