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Musician releases multimedia album with accompanying book and film

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Pines is a release from alternative band A Fine Frenzy that's actually a multimedia package including album, book and film.

The past year or so has seen numerous striking innovations in the world of music, including a record made of ice, an album that changes over time, and an album that comes with a working, DIY cardboard turntable – to name just a few examples. The latest spotting? Pines, a new release from alternative band A Fine Frenzy that’s actually a multimedia package including album, book and film. Released in October, Pines is the third full-length release from Alison Sudol, the artist behind A Fine Frenzy. The album is a fable about a pining tree who is given the unheard-of chance to make a life of her own choosing. Thirteen new songs comprise the musical part of the package, but the story is further realized in a companion book and short film. Produced by TakePart, the 12-minute animated film integrates hand-cut sets, puppets, stop motion, physical effects, and layered glass. Meanwhile, the book portion of Pines is a collaboration with illustrator Jen Lobo that’s available both as an eBook and as a limited-edition linen book available as part of the full Pines package for USD 129.99. Two Pines t-shirts are also available for USD 20 each. The video trailer below offers a sneak preview of the story of Pines: If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how many a multimedia package can convey. Artists around the globe: be inspired!



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