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MyFootballClub agrees to buy team

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MyFootballClub, which we’ve been tracking since they launching in May 2007, just announced that they’ve agreed to buy a controlling stake in Ebbsfleet United FC, with the option to buy the the remaining share in the future. To refresh your memory: in less than three months, MyFootballClub signed up 50,000 people willing to pay a GBP 35 membership fee to buy and manage a football (soccer) team with a crowd of other dedicated fans. MyFootballClub members will vote on player selection, transfers and all other major decisions. When it got down to picking a team to buy, MyFootballClub was approached by nine football club owners and also sought contact with several others. Some of the crowd’s favourite clubs didn’t make the cut, because they had too much debt or were too regional. One of the reasons for picking Ebbsfleet United is that it stands a good chance to reach the national Football League. Ebbsfleet United’s manager, Liam Daish, seems to be pleased with the deal: “Everyone has worked wonders to get this club to in the top half of the Conference. We all agree the club needs something extra to take it to the next step. As a football fan, I think the MyFootballClub idea is fantastic. And as the coach, I look forward to the challenge of working with thousands of members to produce a winning team.” Spotted by: Sam Kelly



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