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Navigate with your own voice

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While most personal navigation devices come with a variety of voices to select from, from soft-spoken to stern, they all get boring after a while and aren’t, well, personal. To the rescue comes YourPND. For EUR 6.95, users can record instructions on using their computer’s microphone. Recording a full set of instructions takes 7 minutes. Once they’re done, YourPND creates a file that the navigation device will be able to use, and gives full instructions on how to install. Instead of the basic “Turn right at the next junction,” users are encouraged to get creative, adding their favourite catchphrases. Or someone’s name: YourPND is pitched as a perfect gift. Customers can record instructions and have them sent to a recipient on a USD flash drive, for EUR 19.95 including shipping. YourPND currently only supports TomTom’s navigations devices, with other systems to follow soon. Another smart example of personalization as a business concept! (Related: Insurance discounts for GPS-guided drivers.) Spotted by: RK



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