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Men's suit that turns transparent when wearer is lying

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Studio Roosegaarde is set to expand its Intimacy 2.0 range of smart dresses that turn transparent based on electronic signals they receive.

Hot on the heels of our recent coverage of the MJ v1.0, a jacket that enables wearers to make music solely by gesturing, we’ve come across another example of wearable tech. Netherlands-based design group Studio Roosegaarde is set to expand its Intimacy 2.0 range of smart clothing to include a men’s business suit which turns transparent when the wearer is being untruthful. The group has already released its range of womenswear that turns transparent based on electronic signals it receives. The clothes used ‘smart e-foils’ that are naturally transparent but turn cloudy when light from LEDs are refracted through them. The dresses were connected to sensors that could detect the heart rate – when their bpm hit a certain point, the LEDs were turned off and the material became transparent. Now the studio hopes to apply similar technology to create a business suit for men that monitors their vitals to discern whether they are lying. Although essentially a high-fashion concept that professionals are not likely to ever willingly wear, the idea does recognize the recent call by consumers for business transparency and corporate social responsibility. Are there other ways wearable technology could more positively help us reveal aspects of our personalities?



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