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New AI marketing tool provides detailed analytics


An AI-driven platform aims to predict exactly where and when brands place their marketing for the most impact.

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How much more impactful could your marketing be if you knew precisely what content to write and where to publish it to take advantage of up-to-the-minute trends? This is the question that Indianapolis-based DemandJump hopes to answer. The company has developed the first Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) platform, dubbed TrafficCloud, which shows marketers exactly what to do next to maximize revenue growth, outmanoeuvre the competition, and stay ahead of market changes.

While most marketing tools collect historic data, such as page hits, designed to help companies with customer retention or cross-sell, TrafficCloud focuses on new customer acquisition. By using AI to collect data for every event and page view, the company is able to link customer activity across devices and present a much more detailed analysis of traffic between sources. The company’s analytics can then pinpoint which sites have the greatest influence in a brand’s competitive area, and which sites can help drive the highest number of customers to the brand. DemandJump claims that its proprietary algorithms, using machine learning, graph theory, algebraic topology, and natural language processing, can “map each client’s entire digital ecosystem and then cull the data to reveal revenue growth opportunities brands didn’t even know existed”.

The marketing technology landscape has changed rapidly over the past several years. In 2011 there were just 150 companies offering marketing solutions, and today there are more than 5,000. These include an AI that matches brands with social media influencers and a system that produces real-time in-store data. This growth means that marketers must pay much closer attention to constantly shifting market dynamics in order to stay ahead of the competition. DemandJump currently has around 14 customers, but claims to have a number of major deals with multi-billion dollar companies pending, and is growing quickly. Will the type of AI marketing tool developed by DemandJump prove to be the way forward for marketing?



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