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New app helps color-blind sufferers adjust TV screens

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A new app has been created to make it easier for color-blind TV viewers to see accurate colors.

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The SeeColors app from Samsung has been created to make it significantly easier for people suffering from color blindness – or Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) – to adjust their TV’s color settings for a more accurate display. Samsung believe that the majority of those affected by CVD are completely unaware of their condition. They claim that the app is so accurate that users may discover that they are suffering from the condition even if they weren’t previously diagnosed.

Samsung worked with the Budapest University of Technology‘s Klara Wenzel, who developed the Colorite Test, a way of letting people self-diagnose the extent of their CVD with color filters and mathematical models. The user downloads an app to their Galaxy smartphone and also their TV, they take the test on their phone and then sync it with their TV to upload the results to its color settings.

This isn’t the first time that smartphones have been used for testing eyesight, though. EyeQue have developed a miniscope that attaches to users’ smartphone screens and, via an app, can be used to undergo simple diagnostic tests. As most smartphones have high quality front-facing cameras and iris scanners, can you think of any other ways that phones can be used for health purposes?



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