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New dive fins bring high tech to the water

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A new style of dive fin uses ski-binding technology and allows users to customise their dive experience

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Diving and snorkelling is a wonderful experience, but putting on diving or snorkelling fins can be awkward. Dive boots do not offer much foot support for walking around, and fins can be difficult to attach. Now, a new fin system is hoping to change this, by making dive fins and boots more functional. CETATEK‘s aquabionic abs dive shoes have the performance of a high-end shoes while also allowing instant attachment to modular fin blades. The aquabionic shoes allow users to walk on any surface, just as with normal shoes. Once ready to dive, however, users can clip on their choice of interchangeable fin blades, to propel them through the water under a variety of conditions.

On hard surfaces, the aquabionic system allows secure step-in binding connection and while in the water, divers can attach their blades with a one-hand. Boots can be customised with the users’ choice of a 2, 3, 5 or 6 mm neoprene liner to suit a variety of dive conditions. The blades come in different styles, allowing divers to further customise their dive. CETATEK claims that their water adapting responsive propulsion (WARP) system can amplify the strength and kick style of any diver by anticipating and adapting their profile during use. This results in more efficient propulsion for each user.

The company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to develop the blades. Early backers can pre-order the system starting at USD 195, with shipping in November 2018. CETATEK is hoping that the new fins will inspire more people to “embrace the ocean” and will reinvigorate the sport of diving and snorkelling by bringing new technology. This is similar to the approach taken by sports gear manufacturers in other sports, such as ski gear that converts to avalanche survival gear and heated jackets that work on voice control. Will bringing new tech to diving encourage more people to take up the sport?




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