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New global platform for real estate

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Global real estate platform enables users to connect in an open marketplace.

It can cost thousands of dollars to advertise property on a site for a limited amount of time. Buyers and renters have to spend lots of time searching for something that matches what they are looking for. Additionally, most websites only show listings for the local area. Realista, a Melbourne based startup, seeks to make the process of buying and selling property easier, and on a global scale. Home sellers, buyers, renters and agents can connect with each other directly.

Most real estate websites use a pull system whereas Realista uses a push mechanism. This allows Realista to react based on demand. Users can set location, price and amenities preferences for their property search. The platform then matches them with properties in real time. Available on the Web, iOS and Android devices, Realista aims to increase the accessibility of the real estate industry. For example, sellers can add listings to the platform for free and agents can directly upload at any time. Another feature of Realista is its 3D virtual tours. Users can explore a property online using virtual tours and walk-through and focus on specific details.

Currently, Realista has more than 20,000 agents across the United States, Australia and New Zealand registered. By 2019, the company aims to have over 150,000 monthly property listings in these countries. Moreover, the company plans to expand to the United Kingdom, Singapore and more countries within the next 12 months.

A Realista token generation event will begin on 28 March 2018. Realista Token (RET) will be issued to incentivise people to use the platform and to help the company to grow. A total of 1,000,000,000 RET will be issued, of which 62 percent will be distributed to participants of the Presale and Crowdsale.

Realista is transforming the real estate industry through offering an accessible and easy to use global service at a low cost. Other real estate innovations previously published on Springwise include this company that uses robots as real estate agents. Another example is this image recognition system for tagging items in real estate listings. How else could the process of buying and selling property be more streamline?




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