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Car seat

New lightweight, compact, high booster seat

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Crowdfunding now on Indiegogo, this new car booster seat is lightweight, adjustable, compact and easy to take on trains, planes and ride sharing carpools.

Previously, Springwise covered car seat innovator Mifold, who had developed a compact booster seat that was 10 times smaller than a cumbersome booster seat. While booster seats are important for older or taller children, small children need the protection of a larger car seat. These are bulky and heavy, and difficult to pack for travel. Now, Mifold are aiming to repeat their success with a compact, portable car seat, the hifold.

The hifold is touted as the world’s most foldable highback booster seat. It is designed to keep the seatbelt off the neck and stomach and can be adjusted to grow with the child. The seat is three times smaller than other highback booster seats and folds down into its own carry bag. It is fully adjustable and takes less than 10 seconds to set up in the vehicle. Like the mifold, the hifold is designed to hold the seatbelt down, instead of lifting the child up, as in a regular booster. It is also designed to meet child safety seat regulations worldwide.

The mifold launched on Indiegogo, where it became that sites’ most successful campaign ever for a juvenile product. The company hopes to repeat this success by launching the hifold on Indiegogo as well. The campaign has already raised almost 800 percent of its goal, with around three weeks left to go. Prices during the campaign start at USD 125 per seat.