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New menstrual pad doubles as diagnostic screening device

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A new menstrual pad collects period blood for diagnostic testing on a subscription basis.

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At Springwise, we have seen a number of advances in techniques for medical testing and monitoring. These have included a 3D body scanner for the home, and a wristband that monitors blood cell count. Now there is a way to use monthly period blood for diagnostics. Startup Qurasense has developed a ‘diagnostic menstrual pad’ called the Q Pad. The Q Pad looks, feels and performs like a regular menstrual pad, but has a strip embedded in it which collects blood samples. These can then be mailed in for diagnostic testing.

The pads come with an app to allow users to track their cycles, order tests and view their results. All data is stored securely and is not shared with any external partners. Qurasense uses inputted information such as age, health goals and current medical condition to recommend personalised blood panels, but users can also add and remove tests using the app to set up their own blood panel. Qurasense will also suggest follow up diagnostics if anything out of the ordinary is found.

Five clinical trials of the pad have been run successfully. These have so far validated blood screening tests and two tests for sexually transmitted diseases. They will operate on a monthly subscription model. The company hopes that the pads will eventually be able to detect biomarkers such as hormone, vitamin and minerals levels, as well as HR-HPV, cancer and other disease markers. Qurasense is also working with Stanford Medicine to become the “go-to platform” for cervical cancer screening, a disease with high survival rates if caught very early.




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