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New open-source, self-hosted Cloud service


A new service allows businesses and individuals to protect, control, monitor and host their own data securely on a Cloud platform.

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Storing and exchanging documents is vital to almost all businesses. Today, most data storage is done in the Cloud. Cloud services are expanding rapidly with recent innovations such as cloud-based web monitoring and decentralised cloud storage. However, Cloud services can pose a security risk. German company Nextcloud claims to have solved this issue with an open-source solution for on-site data handling and communication. This software allows businesses to control their data locally, while maintaining the access normally associated with public clouds. The Nextcloud service is part of a growing trend which sees centrally-hosted Cloud services replaced with servers under individual users’ control and customised to their specific needs.

Nextcloud allows individuals and businesses to easily host their own Cloud services. Security is ensured with end-to-end encryption. Because files are stored inside the company’s own infrastructure, it is much more difficult for a third party to gain access. The system can also be used at an individual level, for people wanting more security at home. Nextcloud has recently been chosen by the German Federal Information Technology Centre, the central IT service provider of the German federal government, for secure file sharing and collaboration. Around 300,000 German government workers will be using the system to share files and communicate securely.

In addition to file sharing, Nextcloud offers audio/video meeting software. Groupware products for secure, cloud-based webmail, calendaring and contacts management are also included. While most businesses will run Nextcloud through their own servers, home users can also chose to use the system through a data centre or provider. Nextcloud will run on any server, and allow access from any desktop or mobile device. Through Nextcloud, individuals can securely access, sync and share existing data on an FTP drive, through Dropbox or using an NAS. Will personal Cloud services be the new business standard?




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