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New partnership provides meals personalized to precise health needs

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A partnership between a restaurant and a DNA tester allows customers to design meals tailored to their exact nutritional needs.

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To succeed in the health industry personalisation is key. We have seen this in medical apps designed to be used directly by patients, and fitness wearables that help users to set individual health goals. Now Vita Mojo, a London based health restaurant, and DNAFit, a health and fitness genetics brand, have taken the idea of personalization to the next level, with a partnership that provides meals tailored to meet each individuals’ specific nutritional needs. Vita Mojo gives customers an almost unlimited choice of meal combinations, allowing them to personalise meals by flavor, ingredient, quantity, macronutrient, diet and goals. To achieve this, they use a proprietary algorithm that adapts to each customer’s needs, and adjusts the quantities of preferred ingredients accordingly. Customers can design their meals using an in-store iPad or an app.

DNAFit, takes a sample of the customers’ DNA using a saliva swab and uses genetic profiling to provide a detailed breakdown of the users’ macro and micro nutritional needs, as well as the type of exercise best suited to their genetic makeup. DNAFit pioneered a home-test kit that scans for 45 gene variants with proven links to how the body responds to different types of food and exercise. The report includes information on whether your body will respond better to endurance or power sports, aerobic potential, sensitivity to carbohydrates, salt and saturated fat; lactose and gluten intolerance risk; and individual anti-oxidant and vitamin needs.

Customers wanting to take advantage of the partnership first use the DNAFit service, and when the results come back, Vita Mojo’s algorithm can recommend meals that take into account their individual DNA, health and fitness goals, and taste preferences. However, scientists are unsure if analyzing 45 gene variants is enough to give a complete picture of a person’s health and fitness potential. This partnership draws on the increasing demand for greater personalization of health and fitness, in what other ways might companies delivers personalized solutions?



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