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Swiss brand develops new foam tech for running shoes

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The development of Helion Superfoam is promising to provide runners with softer landings and more explosive take-offs

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Spotted: Swiss sports brand On has developed what it calls Helion Superfoam, which helps running shoes provide both softer landings and explosive take-offs. The company says the technology lets runners “transition naturally to the forefoot” before providing a stable foundation for push-off. This allows runners to run with their own individual stride.

In February, On released its new CloudSwift running shoes featuring the new foam cushioning, which is lightweight and temperature resistant. It acts to capture and then release energy, giving a “springy” feeling to the runner. The sole is also designed to provide both vertical and horizontal cushioning on landing, and then lock in place to provide firmer support on push-off. The company claims that its designs focus on cushioning the foot, rather than on correcting stride, as with other running shoes.




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