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New shoe range has interchangeable heels


A new range of women’s shoes transforms from heels to flats and back again in seconds.

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Recently, we have seen ways in which clothing can become more responsive to the needs of individual consumers, such as a dress tailored to the lifestyle of the individual wearer, temperature responsive clothing that can heat and cool the wearer, and a child’s shoe that grows as the child grows. Now, German shoe manufacturer Mime et Moi has developed a solution for women who are tired of carrying one pair of shoes for commuting, another for work and a third for the evening. They have developed a shoe range that allows women to easily and quickly swap heels to suit every situation and mood. The company bills the shoes as a solution to countless problems.

The shoes come with five interchangeable heel heights and shapes. The switch is made by lifting a latch in the sole to release one heel, slipping the new heel in place, closing the latch and stepping down on the new heel to secure it. The inner sole is made from a flexible material that immediately adjusts to the new height. Manufactured in Spain, both the sole and the shoes come in a range of colors, sizes and materials and each pair of shoes comes with your choice of two heels, with additional heels for each shoe also available to purchase separately. Heels come in sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inches, with the high heels in block or stiletto. Now you can pick your shoe, throw a set of extra heels in your bag, and be ready to switch up your look instantly as day turns to night.

Mime et Moi launched the range with a Kickstarter campaign in early 2017 and the shoes are now available online. While they currently only ship within Europe, there are plans to begin worldwide shipping soon, as well as offering more show models and heel options. Will this be the start of a new movement towards ever-more personalized clothing?




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