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New smart home intercom lets you open doors from any location

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A UK smart home startup has launched a new intercom that allows users in any location to open property doors without keys.

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From controlling devices to home security, smart home products are rapidly growing. We have previously published smart home innovations such as a smart shower from the US. This device lets users preset the shower to an ideal temperature, connects to other devices and reduces water waste. Another innovation is an Internet of Things system that can automatically manage a homes lighting, security and heating. Now, a UK based smart home startup called Klevio has created a new product, Klevio One. It is a smart intercom that lets users manage access to their properties from remote locations. For example, users can open doors to their homes, offices or apartments even if they are miles away from the property.

Klevio One uses smart technology to replace the lock and key system with digital access. The device connects to the cloud, WiFi and 4G. A Klevio One intercom is fitted inside the property and is controllable through an app that is available on iOS and Android. Users can then open the doors at any property by swiping a button on the app which releases the electric strike on their door. Additionally, users can share and revoke digital keys to the property as they desire. Users can limit digital keys for specific dates and times and can see who has accessed their properties via an event log on the app. In particular, Klevio One saves time and offers an efficient solution for property managers or people who are hosting apartments.

Klevio One is currently available in London and has been pilot tested with over 1,000 participating users. In the future, Klevio plans to launch its product across the rest of the UK and also internationally. What other smart home products can change the way we manage our homes?



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