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Smart shower | Photo source Livin

New smart shower lets users pre-set the perfect temperature


A new smart shower minimizes water waste and can connect to other smart devices.

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Water is one of the most valuable resources in our planet and we are constantly encouraged to use it more sustainably. For those who are looking for a smart way to save water in their homes, there is now the Livin Shower, which aims to create a “holistic shower experience”. Livin Shower warms up your shower and then pauses the shower stream once the water temperature reaches a pre-set target, so you can walk in and start your shower right away with just a press of a button. The device uses a temperature control algorithm to find the shortest amount of time needed to reach the target temperature, and allows users to pause and resume the flow while maintaining the temperature, minimizing water waste.

Unlike other smart showers, the Livin Shower can be installed in minutes by anyone using just basic hand tools – no plumber needed. It comes with a mobile app that not only lets you start the shower remotely, but also monitor water usage. The shower can also connect to music apps like Spotify to allow you to create shower play lists; and to voice apps to activate the shower with voice commands. The app also lets users create up to 10 profiles, each with its own pre-set shower temperature, music, and connection to other devices. The safety lock feature will also limit the temperature to a specified range – especially useful for babies.




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