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New smart trainers self-tighten and adjust temperature


The Digitsole Smartshoe not only connects to a smartphone and lets the user monitor and interact, it self-tightens and has heated soles.

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The leather Digitsole Smartshoe truly looks like something from the future, and was originally unveiled at CES in 2016, but smashed its 50,000 USD target on Kickstarter. Smartshoe is the latest innovation by the French company Digitsole, which specializes in connected footwear.

The shoes connect to a user’s smartphone (iOS or Android) via bluetooth and measures things like distance walked, stairs elevated and calories counted. Smartshoe also has heated soles, which owners can control using a digital thermostat on their phone. They have a self-tightening function – a couple of hydraulics pull the tongue into place meaning no more backs being knocked out bending over to tie laces. It can also tell if someone’s walking correctly and if they’re a pronator or supinator – they could help detect and solve certain postural injuries.

The Smartshoe is rechargable using a microUSB cable and comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. Pledging before the Kickstarter page expired a pair will go for 229 USD, two pairs for 390 USD or, if the whole family needs kitting out, five pairs for 999 USD. They will eventually launch in the retail market for 599 USD a pair, and the shoes are expected to deliver for December 2017. However, it’s not the first smart footwear we’ve seen, the Under Armour running trainers also allow users to monitor foot data, and an entirely different footwear initiative allows you to purchase a range of shoes with interchangeable heels. What other tech could be built into footwear?



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